About Us

Dietitian Founded

Hi, I'm Morgan :)

​I am a registered dietitian that really loves food.

As a dietitian that specializes in gastrointestinal health, I have seen hundreds of patients with a number of different chronic “gut” conditions. These conditions leave patients sensitive to many foods they once loved and can leave them helpless with not knowing what to eat. Many of these patients were told to go on the lowFODMAP diet (an effective elimination diet that can help identify trigger foods), but were left without resources or food options that felt easy.​

After seeing so many people frustrated with the lack of food options they had both inside and outside of their home, I decided to create Unbothered Foods - a company committed to creating delicious, 100% sourdough food products that leave your bellies feeling happy and unbothered.

 Let's start with your new favorite cracker!

- Morgan Murdock, RDN