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The magic of sourgough

Real. Bubbly. Alive!

Unbothered crackers are made with a traditional sourdough starter that breaks down gluten and adds gut-friendly probiotics. Our 24-hour fermentation process makes them easy to digest and creates a tangy, savory flavor you’ll love. 

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Meet the Unbothered founder

Morgan Murdock, RDN

After years of working with patients with digestive issues and dietary limitations, Morgan recognized the need for more gut-friendly food brands that her patients could trust and enjoy.

​Unbothered Foods is on a mission to take the worry and stress out of eating by creating foods that are not only packed with flavor, but leave your bellies feeling happy and unbothered.

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Many people with IBS, gluten intolerance, or gluten sensitivity can tolerate sourdough!

"Unbothered products have improved my taste buds and belly’s life, and I never want to go back! Due to gluten intolerance, I have not been able to enjoy delicious wheat-based products like I’ve wanted in more than ten years. I had no idea Unbothered's sourdough crackers would be so tasty and good for my belly! While all their products are divine (I mean…the thought of their pizza has me drooling as I type), the crackers are like none I’ve ever had. They are full of flavor, have a delightful crunch, and are good for my belly! Unbothered is a dream come true. I cannot recommend them highly enough."

- MELANIE (Gluten Intolerant)

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